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Our School
Happiness U is a first-of-its-kind educational establishment and community hub in Honolulu that offers an inspirational place where you can learn things about life and happiness that you were never taught in school.
We have the perfect program for you if you are ready to take your life to a new level and make a commitment to yourself. When you become a member, you engage with Happiness U in a deeper and more committed way, and in turn, we provide the resources and tools to help you to achieve your personal goals.  cont.
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We have classes for pretty much everything you can think of when it comes to personal growth, inspiration, balance, expanding awareness and consciousness, happiness and seeing your life and your challenges from a new perspective. Our classes offer the tools that can assist you in many ways. Learn more about our classes here.
Since Happiness U is a one-of-a-kind place, we get a lot of questions! Here are the answers to those we have been asked most frequently. If you don’t see what you’d like to know, please write us at info@yourhappinessu.com  cont.
  Our Teachers
All of the teachers at Happiness U are carefully chosen, embodying the same principles and values that they teach. They not only have an uplifting presence and feel they live a happy life, but also, most importantly, love to share information with others.  cont.
  Our Location
Happiness U is located in Honolulu, Hawaii, a few minutes from downtown Honolulu in Nā Lama Kukui, formerly the Gentry Pacific Design Center. Nā Lama Kukui is on Nimitz Highway (between KMart & City Mill) and offers free guest parking. cont.

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Corporate Programs
All of our corporate programs are designed to help organizations from the top down develop, sustain and positively gain from a more positive mindset.  cont.
  Private Sessions
Happiness U offers private life guidance if you feel you want more than group classes and are dedicated to making a greater commitment towards your happiness and personal growth.
  Contact Us
Address: Nā Lama Kukui
560 N. Nimitz Hwy., Suite 117A
Honolulu, HI, 96817
Phone: (808) 436-6444
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Coming Up at Happiness U
Our Guest Speaker Presentations are open to guests (non-members). Please be our guest, bring a friend, and join us for some inspiration at Happiness U!
Can "Happy Hour" be From 9-5? Is Happiness at Work Impossible if You Don't Like Your Job?
  How to have “happy hour” all day at work even if you don’t feel happy at work.
  Whether you are a manager looking for insight, or you are personally working in a job that you do not feel happy about, come to an inspiring talk with Alice as she shares with you how to make your work days better. Happiness at work may sound like a pipe dream, but it’s entirely possible! Understand that happiness is not not eliminating all the bad stuff – it’s about being happy even though the bad stuff exists. Come hear some practical advice on building the skills and energy to improve your days at work. Ask anything you want about nightmare bosses, negative co-workers, long-running conflicts, horrible bureaucracy…and more!
  Friday, July 24th, 7pm      •Register here   
Health & Happiness Chat
  Health and Happiness Chat with Kimi and Pua, fitness and life optimization coaches and the fun and feisty hosts of personal development podcast Hot Better Pop! They'll be answering your questions about health, fitness, and work/life balance like how to increase your energy at work, how to make exercise fun, and how to use technology to help you reach your health goals!
  Friday, August 7th, 7pm     •Register here  
NOTE: All guest teacher and special classes require pre-registration 24 hours prior to class start time in order for class to be held. For those planning on coming as a walk-in, please contact us at smile@yourhappinessu.com first, to assure there is space, and/or if there are any changes to the class.
Mindfulness Meditation Series
  Very often in our daily life, we become so used to the appearance of objects that we frequently stop really seeing them. Mindfulness is the ability to bring back the awareness of what is happening inside and around us. It is a system of mind training and self-exploration. By improving our concentration, one can:
  -Achieve physical relaxation
  -Have more control over thought processes
  -Increase tranquility and the ability to deal with stress
  -Heal, physically and psychologically
  -Have enhanced spiritual development        •Register here
  Mondays: August 3, 10, 17, 24, 31
Infinite Body Wisdom
  A series of five workshops based on Dr. Chad Sato's newly released book, Infinite Body Wisdom, designed to help you gain self-mastery and learn specific strategies in order to better connect to and trust your body's signals. Learn to navigate your life with greater ease so you can transform old patterns into vibrant new ones that better align with your authentic self. CLICK HERE for more information.    •Register here 
  Peach: Sunday, July 26th, 4pm
  Acorn: Saturday, August 1st, 4:30pm
**Book Signing for Infinite Body Awareness (Chad's new book):
  Saturday, August 15th, 4:30-6:30pm**
  Apple, Part 1: Sunday, August 16th, 2pm
  Apple, Part 2: Sunday, August 16th, 3:45pm
Unveil the Mysteries of the Moon: Your Lunar Return
  Your Lunar return is the monthly chart of the instant the Moon in the sky returns to the exact position it was at your birth. It's kind of a monthly birthday, and the arrangement of planets it displays reflects the patterns of your coming month. Each month, this "re-birth-day" works out its potential for you and then is renewed once again 27 1/2 days later with a new set of surprises and opportunities. Join us as we get some general understanding of what this month holds for you, and the area of focus. This will require a printing of a special chart so your attendance must be confirmed 24 hours in advance. Members, we have your birth information on file. Guests must provide birthday, birth time and birth location to participate.
  Saturday, July 18th, 2:30pm      •Register here   
What is Your ONE Thing?
  What is the one thing that you can do to make the greatest amount of difference in your life? Knowing this can help you avoid the distractions and help you to reduce any stress from the demands of your life. Knowing what your ONE thing is, will help you be more productive, feel more satisfaction, and revive your energy. Stay on track with where you want to go. Join us as Alice shares the latest research and studies from the New York Times Bestseller book, The ONE Thing by Gary Keller.
  Tuesday, July 21st, 7:30pm      •Register here   

Who Are You Online? How to Brand Your Business on Facebook
  With more than 1.44 Billion active users on Facebook at this very moment, it is inarguably one of the most important places to have a powerful professional presence for your business. But with so many other businesses also fighting for the top spot in your news feed, and Facebook's smart feed algorithms, it's getting more and more complicated to successfully stand out. And on top of everything else going on in our life, we only have so much time in our day to devote to getting our brands out there. So how do we brand our businesses on Facebook? By thinking out of the "book".
  Join me in this 1 1/2 hour social media intensive class where we will be taking a deeper look into how we can make Facebook work for our businesses and get our brands out there. From analytics, audience targeting, and apps to visual branding and eye catching post strategies, we'll be auditing our own pages to see where and how to put our best face forward! (On Facebook that is)
  Saturday, July 25th, 1:30pm    •Register here
Unlock What You Truly Want & Get It
  Come explore a fairly new critical thinking method that will help you realize what you really want - and to look at something you want in a new way. It is a process by which you take away the assumptions you have placed on what you think you want, and see what is beneath it all.
  In this class you will be going through a series of questions that lead you towards ultimately unlocking what you truly want, as well as the best way to get it. The “want” can be anything that you desire and feel you don’t have, such as a raise, a new job, or even a new bed. The process focuses on “how" you decide versus “what” you decide, and is designed to help you gain more clarity and get deeper in touch with your inner voice.
  Saturday, July 25th, 3:30pm      •Register here   
Canine Massage
  For July’s sharing, we will learn basic Massage and Acupressure techniques, as well as Range of Motion stretches. This will allow you to keep your canine balanced thus maximizing comfortable movement.
  Canines with genetic tendencies and/or daily activities that create imbalances which will escalate with time, can all benefit. For dog’s already exhibiting imbalances due to advanced age, additional massage techniques to maximize comfort and functionality will be shared.
  Sunday, July 26th, 1:30pm    •Register here
Learn the Strategy of Pre-Paving
  It is inevitable that you will face things that will throw you off a bit, stress you out, or give you some anxiety. Most times we just live each day hoping that everything will turn out okay. However, did you know that you have much more control over the outcomes of these challenges? Come and learn a strategy that you can use for the rest of your life, which will help you to take control of the outcome of every situation, and give you a focus that will help you to manifest the outcome you desire, instead of worry about the outcome that you don't desire. Alice has used this technique for over a dozen years with great success. If you are not going through any current challenges that you want to pre-pave, come and pre-pave the rest of the year!
  Tuesday, July 28th, 7:30pm      •Register here   
Be the Healthiest Person in Your Office!
  Kimi & Pua, local fitness trainers & co-hosts of the Hot Better Pop Radio podcast, share tips, tools, and strategies to help you incorporate more wellness into your work life. In this 90 minute course, you’ll learn how to manage the notorious office snack room, pack a delicious home lunch, offset the negative impacts of sedentary office life, increase your energy throughout the day, and so much more! Restore the balance between your health and professional goals and create a life you love!
  Saturday, August 8th, 1:30pm     •Register here  
Get in the FLOW
  There are famous studies in the world of psychology on “optimal experience” - a state of consciousness called “flow.” During “flow," or when we are "in the zone", we typically experience enjoyment, creativity, and a total involvement with life. Join us in this class as we discuss and learn how to apply psychologist, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s, groundbreaking work to our lives. This state can be controlled, not left to happen by chance. It has to do with how we order the information that comes into our consciousness. Understanding how to get in the flow more often can greatly improve the quality of our lives.
  Saturday, August 8th, 5pm      •Register here   
How to Stay Protected and Keep Your Identity Safe While Online
  When Premera & Anthem health care, Home Depot, Target, and Chase are getting their data compromised, what are folks like us to do to protect ourselves? Learn about new security threats that are out there. Find out ways on how to protect your identity, safely use the internet at home or in a public place, manage your passwords, protect your email account, and keep viruses/malware out of your computer.
  Sunday, August 9th, 1:30pm      •Register here   

Understanding Depression
  Everyone experiences sadness from time to time, but depression lasts longer, interferes with daily life and can cause physical pain. Fortunately, depression is highly treatable, and getting effective treatment is crucial. This lecture explains depression and how it can be treated successfully:
  What causes depression?
  Can depression be treated successfully?
  What evidence supports the use of psychotherapy for treatment?
  How does psychotherapy help people recover?
  Are medications useful for treating depression?
  Alternative Treatments for Depression
  Resources Available
  Thursday, August 13th, 6pm      •Register here 
Introversion in an Extroverted World
  Ralph Emerson said, "To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." Extroverts make up about 75% of the world's population and they tend to be louder, get more attention and get higher scores on "likability" tests. Introverts, on the other hand, often get drowned out and sometimes seen as "less value" than their extroverted peers. If a crowded social event is "no fun", and you are drained by too many encounters and energized by solitary pursuits, you are likely more introverted than extroverted. Come learn more about introversion, what it is, what it's subtle power and hidden strength is, and the things that all extroverts should know about introverts (and vice versa). If you are an introvert, you will love this class! If you know and love one, don't miss this! Introverts are not failed extroverts. Come learn how to live comfortably and dynamically in an extroverted world. Take this 12 question quiz if you don't know which you are.
  Saturday, August 15th, 1:30pm      •Register here   
Astrology Update: Medical Astrology & Your Chart
  Medical Astrology is the branch of astrology that deals with the workings of the human body. Come learn a little bit about how astrology can relate to your health, can show you some of your predisposed strengths and weaknesses and how certain signs are connected with certain parts of your bodies, and specific health challenges. For example, Aries is associated with the head, brain and eyes, so often head injuries, head aches, or other symptoms related to the head or the head’s organs are a focus in life. Join us as we use your natal chart as a guide and have a health-oriented discussion of each sign and other health indicators as revealed through the stars! (Need natal chart - some members we have on file, all others supply birth date, time, and location 24 hours prior to class)
  Saturday, August 15th, 3pm      •Register here   
Guided Meditation Night
  Join us for an evening of discussion about meditation, what it really is, how necessary it is (or isn’t) for you, and how to “meditate” without really sitting and meditating. Find out the latest studies and information on meditation and see if it’s time to revisit this practice. Alice will lead you through a “time traveler” guided visualization that will give you the opportunity to tap into your inner wisdom and bring peace and a new centeredness into your life.
  Wednesday, August 19th, 7:30pm      •Register here   
How to Disagree Better
  Our world is filled with disagreement, and it's impossible to agree with everyone all the time about everything. We disagree on everything from whether or not the rail should be built in Hawaii, to how long we should let our children play video games. While disagreement can be civilized and productive, sometimes it is a source of misery. Our brains are very sensitive to the signals that we quietly send to each other that indicates who has the power, and who does not. When we disagree without thought or by habit, we step into alpha-alpha conflicts that make working together or living together that much harder. This class will help you to disagree better. It's not about being right, but it is about having a better understanding of why we disagree, and looking at other people's perspectives. If you have someone in your life that you seem to constantly disagree with, or you hate confrontation, this class will help ease the moment, giving you language to use, so that you can still express yourself, but not get into as much conflict.
  Tuesday, August 25th, 7:30pm      •Register here   
Everything Happens for a Reason: 10 Reasons to Explain the Challenging Events in Your Life
  We have all heard the phrase, “everything happens for a reason.” Is it actually true? If so, what is the reason for why things happen, especially challenges, or seemingly unjust situations? Anytime we have undesirable situations in our lives, we have a greater chance of finding peace and understanding if we can find the significance of the event. Come discover what could be the reason(s) for confusing or unfortunate moments in your life, and celebrate the gifts, lessons, or opportunities they have brought. We will work on both past and present events in your life.
  Wednesday, August 26th, 7:30pm      •Register here   
Our 4-Legged Child's Spiritual Transition
  The road to letting go with our canine children can be a beautiful journey. Fact of the matter is a canine’s life span is so much shorter than humans. As a result, most of us will experience this journey with our canine children.
  This journey together can teach us so much about ourselves and about being present for our canine children every step of the way.
  Embrace doing the best for your 4-legged children by being informed, compassionate, and loving. No regrets, my friends.
  Sunday, August 30th, 3:30pm    •Register here

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