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Happiness U has a variety of programs designed to help your employees find more happiness in their lives, and more joy in their day-to-day work. Research has shown that our brains can be programmed to be, think and see things as more positive, and by focusing on proven methods by which we can change how we see our reality, we receive the benefits of a happier mindset and gain a competitive edge at work.

Conventional wisdom says that success leads to happiness. However, empirical data and groundbreaking research now shows that the opposite is true. Happiness fuels, rather than follows success. When your employees are happy in their lives, they are more engaged, creative, motivated, and energetic, increasing their productivity at work.

The reason why some thrive and others don’t is because they are living in different realities. Much of the work we do is to help people see a more positive reality of the challenging situations they currently face.

Here are some ways for you to bring happiness and wellness to your managers, staff and employees:

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1. If you are a manager at your organization and looking for a program
for your team – We can come to you!

The “Destination Happiness” Program

WHAT:  A ten-class series (60 minutes each) taught by Alice Inoue or a Happiness U teacher

WHERE:  At your place of business (A travel fee is added for out of “town” areas)

WHEN:  Weekly, bi weekly or monthly. (All ten classes must be completed within a year.)

INVESTMENT:  $3,000 + GET (Under 20 people); Contact us for the fee for larger groups

THIS INCLUDES:  Alice’s national award-winning book “Destination Happiness” for each attendee upon which most of the concepts covered in the ten-class series is included. Simple homework will be given after each class so participants can practice and apply the principles taught.

CURRICULUM:  CLICK HERE for course curriculum in PDF form.


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2. If you are an employer and would like to provide your managers, staff and employees
the opportunity to attend Happiness U as an employee benefit.

Paid in full by your employee (with special corporate rate and benefits)

WHAT:  A one-year membership to Happiness U at the corporate rate with special benefits

WHERE:  At Happiness U (Gentry Pacific Design Center on Nimitz)

WHEN:  Over 40 classes/mo. held from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm on weeknights and 11:00 am to 6:00 pm on weekends


YOUR ROLE:  Let your employees/staff/members know about this opportunity through your company newsletter, corporate communication system, and/or through a custom created-flyer we provide to you based on our agreement.

FINANCIAL BENEFIT TO YOUR EMPLOYEES:  Although they personally pay for their membership, they receive a special rate and an extra class attendance privilege each month.

THEIR MEMBERSHIP INCLUDES:  Attendance at a 2-day life-planning workshop held 4x/year on a Saturday and Sunday, free attendance to all member events (averaging 4-6/month) such as positive mindset discussions, Guiding Principles Night, inspiring guest speakers, and more to keep the focus on the positive aspects of life. Other classes can be taken at the “member fee” which starts at $20 per class. Membership also includes, a t-shirt, two books on happiness, notebooks and other Happiness U items as well as one core class each month.

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3. If you are looking for an inspirational presentation for your
upcoming company or client event.

WHAT:  A 45, 60 or 75 minute presentation or keynote address

WHERE:  At the location of your event

INVESTMENT:  Contact us to discuss:

       • Happiness Comes Before Success
       • Creating a Positive MIndset in the Workplace
       • Finding Life's Purpose
       • Feng Shui Demystified
       • Get Inspired to Clear that Clutter
       • How to Become a Positive Genius
       • ...and many more

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4. If you are looking for a "different" experience for your clients, team or staff
in the form of a customized learning retreat at Happiness U.

Happiness U can host up to twenty of your clients, staff or team for a private inspirational learning session from one of our expert teachers. Choose from a theme from our twenty core "101" classes. Click HERE for curriculum or customize your learning retreat with other topics of interest (additional fee may apply).

WHAT:  A one hour, 90 minute or three-hour customized learning session

WHERE:  At Happiness U (On NImitz between K-Mart and City Mill)

WHEN:  Any day or time of your choice as schedule permits

INVESTMENT:  $500/one hour class, $600/90 minute class $900/3 hours of class + G.E.T.

THIS INCLUDES:  Tea for your guests, class(es), and a take home affirmation card from Happiness U. We welcome your group to come up to 30 mins prior to class start time to enjoy some tea and get settled.

NOTE:  Any books or Happiness U products purchased from Happiness U as gifts to your guests are priced at a reduced rate.

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Gallup studies show that businesses with higher employee happiness and satisfaction also have:

• 86% higher customer ratings
• 76% more success in lowering turnover
• 70% higher productivity
• 44% higher profitability
• 78% better safety records

Happier workers are more willing to work harder to improve the company and its goals. The complete list of side effects of unhappy employees are low morale, low productivity, stress, high employee turnover, low accountability, poor performance, bad attitudes, absenteeism, procrastination, worry, a “don’t care” attitude, irritability, and physical symptoms such as headaches and fatigue.